Next Steps

The Gatchelville Charge can help you take your next steps on your walk with Jesus. Find out how!

Next Steps

At The Gatchelville Charge, we believe that spending an hour in worship on Sunday mornings is the least we can do in response to the amazing love of Jesus Christ. There's so much more that God has for us to do and to experience.

"Next Steps" include anything and everything we do to help us get closer and closer to the goal that God has set before us. Next Steps are the opportunities we have to get equipped for the mission and ministry of The Church. Next Steps are the way that we grow in our knowledge of--and love for--Jesus.

If you're ready to draw closer to Jesus, we're ready to help you take those next steps!

Charge Conference 2020

Charge Conference is a very important event in the life of our congregation. At Charge Conference, we elect the leadership for the coming year, set the pastoral salary, affirm our Lay Servants, and more! Click the button below to download the reports from Charge Conference 2020.

Mason-Dixon Community Services

The Gatchelville Charge proudly supports the vital work of Mason-Dixon Community Services. When MDCS has special needs, we will post them here. To learn more about Mason-Dixon Community Services, visit